Saturday, June 9, 2012

Modified plans: CVS meeting on June 27th

The CVS developers will hold another public meeting on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at the Carrboro Town Hall.  Please come if you 're interested in this project that could change the face of downtown Carrboro.  The developers will present 3 versions of a revised site plan and a some new drawings of the buildings.

All 3 versions of the updated plan still calls for a ~12,300 square foot, high volume, 24-hour CVS store on the 1st floor and a 2nd story with storage for CVS and office space.  Large delivery trucks will still have to come down Short Street to turn into the parking lot (signage currently indicates large delivery trucks are not permitted on Short St).  There is still the problem of increased traffic, noise and light pollution for the residents on Center street.  These plans will all still require a rezoning of some properties and possibly the elimination of the Downtown Neighborhood Protection overlay.

All the plans are linked below with some general descriptions of our first glance at the plans:

This would require rezoning a residential lot and a small business lot and tearing down of houses on Center St. (in addition to other zoning changes)  There are less parking spaces than the original plan.  Many trees will still be cut down.  24-hour parking lot still very close to Center St residences.

Similar to OPTION 1, but it appears that residential and small business lot would not need to be rezoned.  Slightly more space between Center St residents and the 24 hour parking lot.  It is unclear if houses will be torn down on Center St.

Almost the same as OPTION2a, but the dumpster is moved and parking lot has a slightly different configuration.

New Elevations
New elevation drawings as viewed from Greensboro and Weaver Streets.

Below is the letter sent by the developer:

"As part of our commitment to creating a quality project, we invite you to join us on
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at the Carrboro Town Hall Board Room, Room 110 for an
open discussion of the proposed project.

This project has been reviewed by the Town Planning Board. Several changes to the
plans will be presented based on comments received from the Planning Board. This will
be an opportunity to ask questions and make comments on the updated plans. If you
have a question that you would like addressed at the meeting, please email the question to
Chris Bostic at"

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