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CVS Public Hearing Tues. April 17th 7:30PM

1. CVS has requested & was granted a delay in the public hearing to Tues. April 17th 7:30PM at Carrboro Town Hall

2. Neighbors have filed a "Protest Petition" that legally triggers a 3/4 majority vote of the Alderman to change the zoning. see here

3. Please contact the mayor & the members of the Board of Aldermen if you are concerned about the proposed large CVS development. see here

1. Public hearing on the CVS rezoning request is Tues. April 17th 7:30PM at Carrboro Town Hall
CVS has requested & was granted a delay in the public hearing.  

The planning board (& other town boards) met on March 1st on the CVS request.  The planning board will finalize their meeting minutes & their recommendations to the  Aldermen at their meeting next week.  Copies of the planning board comments should be available by request from the Town.

The neighbors and residents of Carrboro have outlined many reasons why this development will not work for this location in a previous blog post.
These concerns include but are not limited to: 
  • Increased light, noise & air pollution for residential neighbors in the Old Mill House District from this 24hr business that will be within 50 feet from some homes
  • increased traffic & congestion in downtown Carrboro and through the residential neighborhoods.  This will result in increased safety hazards for pedestrians, bicyclists & motorists.
  • this is simply the wrong place for this high volume 24hr CVS. 

The neighbors and residents of Carrboro are not against developing the corner of W Weaver St and N Greensboro St.  The current zoning in place in this area of town, allows for a more creative mixed use development along Weaver & Greensboro and appropriately protects the safety, health and welfare of the residential neighbors.

It is important to note that CVS already has a downtown location in an appropriate place and has a long-term lease with Carr Mill Mall and there nothing compelling them to leave that location.  It is possible for CVS to expand in that location.  Further, currently owns less than half of the land that they are proposing to build on.

2. Neighbors have filed a "Protest Petition" 

see the Carrboro Citizen Article on the subject.

This petition legally triggers a 3/4 majority vote of the Alderman to change the zoning.  In short, this means only 2 aldermen need to vote against the rezoning request in order to deny this request.

3. Please contact the Mayor & the members of the Board of Aldermen

It is important to note:
"If the Board concludes in the exercise of its legislative discretion that the proposed rezoning would not be consistent with the public health, safety, or welfare, it may deny the application in accordance with the same procedures applicable to any ordinance amendment request."
The the Mayor and Aldermen will listen to your concerns about this very significant proposed 24hr high-volume CVS.  
see here for the Alderman and Mayor's contact info:

A Chapel Hill lawyer representing CVS is already using an opportunity to meet with the Mayor..
See the publicly available email here:

Carrboro residents can also exercise their right to access to their elected officials.

Your Neighbors in the Center of Carrboro 

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