Thursday, February 28, 2013

What happened at the public hearing?

For those of us in the neighborhood around the proposed CVS development, it was so wonderful to see so many dfferent people at the public hearing and engaged in the process.  And it made a huge difference that the Aldermen recieved so much input through emails and letters.

Thank-you all for showing up, writing letters and spreading the word.  This is what an engaged community looks like.

Folks need to stay engaged.  CVS is planning to come back with a new plan and no one really knows what that will look like.

So what happened Tuesday night?

You can watch the tape here:
Pay particular attention to 14:30-31:10  and 38:30

Also see here:

We'll try to write this short blog to sorta explain things how we see it and update as we get more info.
The short answer is:
The town avoided a long, drawn-out public hearing on zoning by indicating to CVS that Aldermen were not inclined to change the zoning of that area.  CVS said they would come back with a plan that does comply with the current zoning.

The Mayor made it a point to explain at the public hearing the difference between the rezoning request and the conditional use permit.  Here is what we got out of it (don't know if we got it right):
The zoning decision is legistlatve and the town has broad authority on those matters.. The Aldermen can into take account public input on rezoning before and during a public hearing.  The Conditional Use Permit is a quasi-judicial decision.  Which means, like a court case, the Aldermen can only consider evidence during the public hearing and not before.  The relevant evidence would be about whether the planned development complies with the zoning and town ordinances (? ) (this is where our understanding is a bit fuzzy)..   

If CVS is serious about not changing ANY of the zoning, then none of their development could be on Center St.  This includes the parking lot on the corner of Weaver & Center St.  We're not sure if that is what CVS has in mind.  It appears the Developers could only use 3 properties along N. Greensboro St instead of 6 around the whole block. We aren't sure what this plan will be, but they said they would bring it to the town in April.

The shaded area on the map below appears to be 3 lots that CVS could use to build a 24-hour store and parking under current zoning designations.  Again, this is just our interpretation.. town planning staff would be the official source for this information.  

(click image to enlarge)
News coverage:

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